An analysis of the main characters in richard adams watership down

Finally, after an argument with Fiver, Bigwig gets caught in a snare. This section needs additional citations for verification. Captain Holly Holly is a minor character in the first half of the book as he is the Captain of the Sandleford Owsla who tries to prevent Hazel and the others from leaving.

He also establishes important "values" in the rabbit culture; for example, it is perfectly acceptable for a rabbit to steal or trick his enemies into giving him what he wants.

Watership Down Characters

The rabbits send an expedition to the warren Efrafa to try to bring back some does, and Hazel sets up a raid to free the rabbits in the farm. The dog at Nuthanger Farm.

Primrose is very supportive of Hazel, and she and Campion have some strong bond due to being saved by him multiple times back in Efrafa. He is outside the realm of acceptable society and can thus get away with actions that "normal" characters might wish they could do.

Blackavar is a rabbit with dark fur who tried to escape from Efrafa when he was prevented from joining the Owsla. A rabbit whose doe sings like a robin.

The main antagonista fearless, cunning and brutally efficient rabbit who was orphaned at a young age, Woundwort founded the Efrafa warren and is its tyrannical chief.

Though Hazel is not particularly large or powerful, he is loyal, brave and a quick thinker. Once he makes a decision, he is also completely dependable and loyal.

After discovering the Efrafa warren and helping the rabbits, he rejoins his colony, but promises to visit. Bigwig Also called Thlayli because of a large tuft of hair on his head.

He was voiced by Clifton Jones in the feature film. He has a bit of sarcastic nature that comes out when he is tired or frustrated with a situation, but he is indispensable to Hazel. A clever buck rabbit with black-tipped ears.

He is brave to the point of being foolhardy, knowing nothing of the dangers of elil, but as it turns out predators leave him alone because he smells so strongly of human. He is severely injured by Bigwig during the Efrafan does' escape. Another rabbit who was captured at the end of the attack on Watership Down.

One of the escaping does. She believes that humans will infect any rabbit they see with it; as such, she sees the Watership warren as being in great danger because it is directly next to a human footpath. But the field is already inhabited by a group of rabbits, who seem strange but let the travelers stay with them.

In the TV series, in a controversial move, Blackberry is rendered a female and is the only doe to escape the Sandleford Warren with Hazel and the others.

A small and timid buck rabbit, the "baby" who looks to Hazel for guidance and protection. Motifs Adapting The rabbits are repeatedly forced to adapt to situations that they could have never anticipated, and, to their credit, they do so quite well.

Their rejection of and failure to recognize El-ahrairah in the guise of an injured traveler later leads to their being shamed in front of their chief and comrades. Hazel decides that they must go to Efrafa and get some does, because otherwise they will not survive.

He is capable of moments of over-confidence and flashes of self-doubt as well as anger which he exhibits when another rabbit does something foolish.

A "short-haired black Angora " buck. A large rabbit with grey fur and the Threarah's nephew. In Tales from Watership Downthe final chapter is devoted to Campion; he introduces the Wide Patrol to Vleflain and Watership Down and becomes a respected and well-liked leader.

The rabbits befriend a wounded bird, Kehaar, and after he heals he searches for other warrens so they can get some does. One of the does who escaped from Efrafa with Bigwig and Hyzenthlay.

In the film, Chervil is voiced by Derek Griffiths. Kehaar finds a warren a few days away, as well as some rabbits living in the farm next to the down. Soon after they return, a mouse whom Hazel had earlier saved brings him news that there is a large number of rabbits close by.

A "black and white Himalayan " buck, and Haystack's mate.Watership Down study guide contains a biography of Richard Adams, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

About Watership Down Watership Down Summary. This is a list of characters in Watership Down, a novel by Richard Adams. The majority also appear in the feature film adaptation, the television series adaptation and/or follow-up.

Watership Down Characters

Everything you ever wanted to know about the characters in Watership Down, written by experts just for you. Analysis of Richard Adams' Watership Down Essay - Watership Down In this story, Richard Adams' creates an interesting part of the story when eleven rabbits unite to form a group and flee from their warren, in hopes of avoiding a great tragedy.

In traveling from Sandleford warren to Watership Down, the rabbits actually travel about 8 miles, but the zigzagging trail and the adventures along the way make it seem much further. Richard Adams, the author, still lives in the area. CHARACTER LIST Major Characters. Hazel The main character.

Analysis and discussion of characters in Richard Adams' Watership Down. Watership Down Characters Richard Adams.

Watership Down

Homework Help The stories of the prince are important to the main .

An analysis of the main characters in richard adams watership down
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