An overview of spain government and politics

Although the 2 parties were polar opposites on the political spectrum with the PSOE on the left and the PP on the rightSpain's economic policy did not shift radically with the new government. Some regions were distinguished by a highly inefficient variety of farming. It corresponds to the government, leaded by the prime minister, who is also in charge of choosing the ministers and making up the government.

Senators serve for four-year terms or until the dissolution of the Cortes Generales. A war of attrition began. As in most parliamentary systems, more legislative power is vested in the lower chamber, the Congress of the Deputies.

Spanish Flamenco music and dance are widely admired around the world while Cervantes' novel Don Quixote is one of the landmarks of modern European literature. Merino sheepthe best known breed, were probably imported from North Africa, and they were well adapted to semiarid conditions.

Almondsgrown along the southern and the eastern coasts, emerged as another important Spanish cash crop. In the s, about 7 million hectares, or 14 percent of the land in Spain, could be considered usable forest, although another 3. In the government launched a program designed to modernize milk production, to improve its quality, and to concentrate it in the northern provinces.

Goats were kept in much the same area, but they were more prevalent in the higher, less grassy elevations because they can survive on poorer pasture. By an overall majority, the Senate is the institution that authorizes the Government to adopt measures to enforce an autonomous community's compliance with its constitutional duties when it has failed to do so.

Sugar beets were Spain's most important industrial crop. The court president and vice president appointed for 8-year nonrenewable terms.

Pedro Sanchez Image copyright Getty Images Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez took over as prime minister in Juneafter his conservative predecessor Mariano Rajoy lost a parliamentary vote of confidence.

At the onset of the financial crisis, Spain's GDP contracted by 3. In the Balearic Islands Spanish: The aims of the program included meeting market demand for forest products, controlling erosion, and providing seasonal employment in rural areas.

Potatoes were a prominent garden crop in the northwest.The Government of Spain (Spanish: Gobierno de España) is the central government which leads the executive branch and the General State Administration of Spain. The Government consists of the Prime Minister and the Ministers ; the Prime Minister of Spain has overall direction of the Ministers and can appoint or terminate their appointments freely.

Spain country profile. Spain's modern history is marked by the bitterly fought Spanish Civil War ofand the ensuing year dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. After Franco's death inSpain made the transition to a democratic state and built a successful economy, with King Juan Carlos as head of state.

The constitution. Rwanda gained its independence on July 1, Politics of Rwanda reflects Belgian and German civil law systems and customary law takes place in a framework of a presidential republic, whereby the President of Rwanda is both head of state and head of government, and of a multi-party system.

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Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is vested in both the government. Spain - Government and society: From until Spain almost continually had a parliamentary system with a written constitution. Except during the First Republic (–74), the Second Republic (–36), and the Spanish Civil War (–39), Spain also always had a monarchy.

For a complete list of the kings and queens regnant of Spain, see below. Feb 16,  · News Analysis Yet Another Election for Spain Reveals Deeper Strains. The call for an April election — the third since — is a new sign of political polarization and the.

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Information on Spain — map and flag of Spain, geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities.

An overview of spain government and politics
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