Blasphemy law in pakistan essay

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For this purpose on 30th November Jinnah institute arranged a seminar where the members of civil society, religious scholars, lawyers, NGO representatives and the Minister for Minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti, gathered to discuss the amendments to the Blasphemy Laws in light of the recent case of Aasia Bibi and the blatant abuse of the legislation to persecute minorities.

As Pakistan is made In the name of Islam so we should respect and follow the laws of Islam but in the proper way. Inherent problems The text of the blasphemy law is religion specific and highly discriminatory.

Across the land they have only sown mischief and upped the bribery rates of the police. Although, he himself did not pass any type of offensive remarks about Muhammad SAWhe was killed because he said that the blasphemy laws are misused and should altered.

When this happens, the collective image of Pakistan takes another blow on the chin. Remove all provisions of discriminations on the basis of religion that is part of the Constitution, laws and policies.

Blasphemy laws and human rights of religious minorities in Pakistan

The policies of the Zia regime, fertilized by a copious flow of American greenbacks, fostered the climate which made killing in the name of Islam a legit exercise.

There are thousands of cases who have not been registered which were not reported in the court but are rather deal by police or by local people.

There will be some protests but that is only to be expected. For this reason, they were constantly threatened and intimidated by prison staff as well as by other detainees.

If someone asks that it is the simplest reply that Islam also allows that anyone who breaks blasphemy law should be executed. The assassination of Taseer will surely silence many moderate voices and further intimidate the government.

The case was later on sent to Lahore high court. Despite that people should be frighten of these tough laws and should be careful about these things, the number of blasphemy cases have increased. He confessed it in front of the judge. He fought all of them in the courts and proved his innocence.

Blasphemy law in Pakistan

Here is the last paragraph of an appeal to the Governor, Punjab, and the Begum Governor no joking. The court also noted other breaches in the law of due process. SincePakistan authorities have charged people under offenses of blasphemy law. Nor should it be so vague to jeopardize human rights especially those of minorities.

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As Pakistan is made In the name of Islam so we should respect and follow the laws of Islam but in the proper way.

Blasphemy in Pakistan Essay Sample

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Did we elect better legislators as a consequence? Their existence is tolerated, with a smile or a shrug of the shoulders, but no one asks for the US constitution to be amended to have these sects declared as non-Christians. It looks like that it was just a sentimental debate about each others religion and such debates are actually common.

Blasphemy laws undermine the notion of freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and become moreover, a catalyst for a culture of intolerance. The Court said "the penalty for contempt of the Holy ProphetPersuasive and argumentative essay with sources multimedia article review z test essay samples college admission, letter for a friend essay paragraph finance essay writing topics for capgemini.

Essay writing templates tips topics 5 paragraph essay rules essay of understanding village panchayat. Aging research paper year round school. Although Pakistan is a muslim majority state, the blasphemy law of Pakistan is different from other Islamic countries.

Pakistan has blasphemy laws in constitution comprises on the articles B, C, A, B and C. Oct 02,  · The blasphemy laws. Pakistan’s Penal Code includes five Sections commonly known as blasphemy laws. Sections B, C, A, B and C, were made part of this Code, between andmainly through Presidential Orders by Gen.

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Essay on blasphemy laws in pakistan

Before the introduction of this law, no case of blasphemy ever surfaced in Pakistan and no non-Muslim was ever blamed as a blasphemer. But, after the introduction of blasphemy law inhundreds of non-Muslims, mostly Christians, have.

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Blasphemy law in pakistan essay
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