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However, the key to safe, liquid, healthy and profitable credit operation lies in the quality of judgment used by the officers making lending decisions and their knowledge of the borrowers and the market place. My number of respondents was 40 and around The primary objective of this report is to fulfill the requirement of MBA program containing 03 months internship.

Their percentage is Foreign exchange business is very much lucrative for banks as the international business is getting swifter day by day. Acknowledgement for report Acknowledgement At the very beginning, I would like to express my deepest to almighty GOD for giving me the strength and the composure to finish the report.

This may be because of majority of them are not taking loan for their business rather for other purpose. I also would like to deliver my heartfelt thanks to Mr. As though this tool, an organization can also study its current position, it can also be considered as an important tool for making changes in the strategic management of the organization.

I express my sincere gratitude to Mr. SEBL is showing upward trend in profitability which can indicate the fact that the bank is growing to its potential year by year and achieving business growth steadily.

When customer come to take the loan they try to give loan very quickly or I would say try quicken the procedure. SEBL operate its banking operation by setting up 41 branches including 5 in shariah based operation.

Females are still not getting enough support to take loan or they are simply discouraged to take loan because banks are still thinks that they vulnerable and more risky to give loan specially SEBL thinks like that.

But the library of Southeast Bank Limited was not well decorated. Southeast bank is one of them. At the beginning, we would like to pay our humble gratitude to the Almighty for giving us ability to work hard under pressure.

The number indicates that those who have the income range of twenty to forty thousand, they are the major customers of banks for taking loan or I would say they have more need to take loan.

This has also become growing problem at SEBL. I would like to thank all of the officials of UCBL, Foreign Exchange Branch who has given me supportive information and valuable time in my report writing process. Since the foreign banks have tremendous financial strength, it will pose a threat to local banks to a certain extent in terms of grabbing the lucrative clients.

During my survey I found that They also told me that they are satisfied about southeast bank environment, services, behavior. Maximum clients come to SEBL for good service not for lower interest rate. Customer can get time loan very easily and loan officers also try to give them this loan because it is less risky.

My total numbers of respondent was The branch manager then assigned me to work in the credit department under the credit in charge. Below discuss in shortly. Most of the time respondents take car loan against their FDR.

He has helped me by giving various information to make this report.

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So from the data we can say that majority of the respondents compare different banks and after that they finally decide which bank is suitable for them. Term loan is the type of loan which customers can take for more then one year. One thing is very positive about SEBL that not a single a customer is dissatisfied with their any kind of service and is very impressive for any service organization.

Because of some divisional and confidential problem, I could not get enough information. This is for the same reason taking this loan is much easier than the others. Due to the time limitation, the scope and dimension of the study has been curtailed.

Abdur Rab and my supervisor - India’s largest Online MBA Management Project Download for Students and Professionals.

Download & Upload all your MBA Projects of Internship Reports, Sample Internship Reports, etc for Free. Findings of the report say about the prior and neglected sectors of the credit facilities.

their report is based on the General Banking of Southeast Bank Limited (SEBL). Part three forces on the literatures behind banking credit. An-Internship-report-2nd part 1.

1 Chapter-1 Introduction Introduction of the Report As a part of the internship Program of BBA course requirement, I was assigned to do my internship in Southeast Bank Limited (SEBL) for a period of three months.

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INTERNSHIP REPORT ON GENERAL BANKING ACTIVITIES OF SOUTHEAST BANK LIMITED prepare of this report. My internship in Southeast Bank Limited was a worthwhile experience Second chapter of the report focused on overview of SEBL contains history, vision, mission, objective, product and services of SEBL and so on.

An Internship Report On Overview of" Operation of International Department Of Southeast Bank Limited A Bank with Vision Prepared For: S I Nusrat A Chaudhury.

Internship report on sebl
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