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Oplossingen uit het Duitse en Engelse recht voor de lege boedelproblematiek Sturm, C.

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De media scannen Up-to-date blijven met de bepaalde nieuwsitems kan een goede bron zijn voor scriptie onderwerpen. How can these environmental criteria be incorporated in an evaluation model of the port concession awarding process?

Ook kun je in de universiteitsbibliotheek bladeren in tijdschriften over onderwerpen die je interessant vindt. Unfortunately this growth is accompanied by an increasing pressure on the scriptie master thesis hrm mvo and ecological environmental of the port.

A port concession is a grant by a government or port authority to a private operator to provide specific port services, such as terminal operations or nautical services e. For this theme, an indicator will be developed to answer the second sub-question.

The selected environmental theme will undergo further analysis in a case study to determine its feasibility as awarding criterion. The port authority in question can be able via concessions to exert pressure on the market parties to enhance their environmental performance.

Daarnaast word bekeken welke eisen het unierecht stelt aan de ver However, from the expert interviews follows that incorporation of environmental criteria is necessary to respond to the general trend in society where environment is becoming an increasingly important topic to maintain their license-to-operate.

The part of the thesis will comprehend the findings of the previous mentioned building blocks. Dutch ports are more and more constrained by their physical and environmental boundaries. During the operational time of the investment, the investment should generate revenue and other benefits.

Mindmapping Om alle belangrijke informatie over een onderwerp te ordenen en kun je een mindmap tekenen.

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The heart of a business case consists of the financial figures affiliated with investment. The method to find answers to the above formulated questions is presented in the following paragraph. Binnen het Nederlands strafrecht bestaat de bevoegdheid tot inbeslagneming van voorwerpen, waaronder gegevensdragers.

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The attraction of commercial activities increases the pressure on the environment in ports and the communities surrounding them. Aangezien separatisten, wanneer zij hun zekerheidsobject te gelde maken, niet meebetalen aan de algemene faillissementskosten, blijft er in de praktijk weinig over voor curatoren.

Dit heeft tot gevolg dat bekwame curatoren mee Their valuable comments, their guidance through the project and their belief in a good outcome of process have had a major contribution to the outcome of this research. The top-down approach wants to promote the different aspects of sustainability simultaneously.

In these partnerships the terminal operators have profited from the continuous growth of container transport.

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The combination of environmental, social and economical themes represents the sustainability framework. Almost anything you can find in stores is shipped in containers from all over the world.

Whereas price is a leading criterion in awarding concession agreements, according to Evenhuis many other parameters can be taken into account in the bid of the economically most advantageous tender.

Afgelopen decennia is de belangstelling voor het fiscale gedrag van grote bedrijven gegroe De vraag die dus relevant is, is hoe men deze groep werknemers gemotiveerd en inzetbaar houdt?

Een analyse van de Nederlandse rulingpraktijk in het licht van internationale ontwikkelingen Nederpelt, V. In order to enhance sustainability it is important to increase the environmental performance without compromising the economic and social factors. Vond je dit stuk waardevol?

Vergeet nieuwe inzichten niet op te schrijven. Representing the government, three experts of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management were interviewed.

It is therefore important to incorporate environmental criteria in the methods used by port consultants. This research wants to provide and verify practical solutions how to reduce this environmental pressure.

Een onderzoek naar de vraag of het huidige systeem voor werkgevers toereikend is om de schadelast bij ziekte te kunnen beperken Middelkoop, M. Each aspect represented with its own indicators and criteria.

This thesis has the objective to adapt to common business practice.


This thesis aims to identify environmental criteria to emphasize the environmental aspect in concession agreements and to indentify the affiliated trade-offs to promote this criterion. In order to cope with the general trend in society the experts have indicated that intensification in use of space is the most important theme to enhance sustainability.

This revolution called containerization, has introduced a standard size box in which various kinds of products can be transported over the world.

On biographical approaches towards exhibitions in the contemporary Dutch museum world Bone, Mariska de Deze scriptie behandelt het toenemende biografische aspect in het narratief van Nederlandse musea.

I specially want to thank all mentioned below who have dedicated their time and expertise for the interviews that have provided valuable input for the conduction of this research.My master thesis research entails a case study of three different circular economy projects conducted by the Water Board.

These public water governance projects are studied through an economic lens being the Business Model Consultant Water and Energy at.

Deze scriptie ter afronding van mijn studie „Beleid, Communicatie & Organisatie‟ kon uiteraard niet worden voltooid zonder ondersteuning van een aantal personen.

Met name mijn Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen. The subject of this master thesis is the effect of the strength of the gender image of the mother brand on consumers‟ evaluation of cross-gender brand extensions and on the evaluation of the parent brand post-extension launch.

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