The diamond necklace

You brought it back. Her husband returned about seven o'clock. Only I have no gown, and, therefore, I can't go to this ball. She thought of long reception halls hung with ancient silk, of the dainty cabinets containing priceless curiosities and of the little coquettish perfumed reception rooms made for chatting at five o'clock with intimate friends, with men famous and sought after, whom all women envy and whose attention they all desire.

She bore her part, however, with sudden heroism.

The Diamond Necklace

The couple does not have much money left, so her husband suggests that she should buy flowers to wear with it. Come, you have seemed very queer these last three days. They dismiss their servant and move into an even smaller apartment. Give your card to some colleague whose wife is better equipped than I am.

It looks very well to me. Madame Forestier, deeply moved, took her hands.

The Necklace

They found, in a shop at the Palais Royal, a string of diamonds that seemed to them exactly like the one they had lost. When Madame Loisel took back the necklace Madame Forestier said to her with a chilly manner: It would take the jewelers several years and a great deal of money to amass an appropriate set of diamonds.

At the end of a week they had lost all hope. Adaptations and other influence[ edit ] The following are direct adaptations of "The Necklace": She removed her wraps before the glass so as to see herself once more in all her glory.

The Necklace

At the end of her story, Madame Forestier clasps her hands and tells Mathilde the original necklace was just costume jewelry and not worth anything. She came to know what heavy housework meant and the odious cares of the kitchen.

And she loved nothing but that. She has one wealthy friend, Madame Forestier, but refuses to visit her because of the heartbreak it brings her. He threw over her shoulders the wraps he had brought, the modest wraps of common life, the poverty of which contrasted with the elegance of the ball dress.

She goes to the Palais-Royal shop and finds a similar necklace for 40, francs but they could get it in 36, francs.

The Diamond Necklace

You never go out, and this is such a fine opportunity. Thereafter Madame Loisel knew the horrible existence of the needy. Madame Forestier went to a wardrobe with a mirror, took out a large jewel box, brought it back, opened it and said to Madame Loisel: At last Loisel put on his clothes.

And now that she had paid, she would tell her all about it. Only I have no gown, and, therefore, I can't go to this ball. The jewelers hoped it would be a product that the new Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, would buy and indeed in the new king, Louis XVIoffered it to his wife as a present, but she refused.

How you are changed!Diamond necklaces are expressive, brilliant and a true treasure. From tennis necklaces to diamond pendant necklaces, our wide range of intoxicating pieces are eye-catching accessories that turns heads. The Affair of the Diamond Necklace was an incident in at the court of King Louis XVI of France involving his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette.

The reputation of the Queen, already tarnished by gossip, was ruined by the implication that she participated in a crime to defraud the crown jewelers of the cost of a very expensive diamond necklace.

The Diamond Necklace (Unabridged): From one of the greatest French writers, widely regarded as the 'Father of Short Story' writing, who had influenced. The Diamond Necklace. The girl was one of those pretty and charming young creatures who sometimes are born, as if by a slip of fate, into a family of clerks.

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The diamond necklace
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